Public Companies

Public Companies

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Our specialized underwriting approach and customized policies are designed to provide our partners and their clients with tailored coverage solutions.
Public Companies

Specialty Insurance Coverages to Meet Public Company Needs

In today’s environment of securities-related ligation and regulatory concerns, public companies are facing more scrutiny than ever before. News headlines are filled with companies being sued over issues like accounting fraud, mergers and acquisitions, signs of financial weakness and conflicts of interest.


Our Solutions


Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and officers of public companies face unique exposures when navigating mergers and acquisitions, accounting issues and corporate governance actions. These business decisions and their related shareholder disclosures create heightened risk that requires unique protection.

Responsabilidad por prácticas de empleo

This type of coverage is for employment-related allegations, such as employment discrimination, sexual or other workplace harassment, wrongful dismissal, discharge and termination, retaliation and other workplace liabilities.

Fiduciary (Pension & 401K Plans)

Fiduciary liability insurance helps protect public company trustees against damages and defense costs that arise from administering and managing employee benefit and pension plans.
Crime/Fidelity This coverage protects businesses from loss of corporate money, securities or other property due to crimes like employee dishonesty, forgery, robbery and wire transfer fraud.

Representations & Warranties

For the last 15 years, we’ve provided Representations and Warranties (R&W) insurance policies that help reduce risk and protect clients in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. 

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