Risk Management for Creative, PR, Marketing and Ad Agencies

Quick Summary
Risk is a fact of life in business. There are basic risks that apply to every business, but certain industries face unique risks in their field. The myriad companies involved in educating, selling, and promoting other businesses and individuals, including advertising agencies, marketing and PR firms, designers, and content creators, face risks centered around the truthfulness, accuracy, and originality of what they create and publish.

Defamation and Invasion of Privacy

Every person – not just celebrities – has a right to not have their likeness or name used for commercial purposes without their permission. If a person claims emotional distress or other harm from this type of behavior, your company could find itself in court for violations of privacy rights.

Social Media Content and Behavior

Social media and other online marketing avenues have changed the way advertisers reach their audiences and promote their brands. But the ease in posting content also makes false advertising and other deceptive or misleading conduct that much easier to publish, which ramps up the legal risks, as well.

Trademark and Copyright Issues

Purposeful or inadvertent use of copyrighted content and images has always been a potential problem for marketers. But with vast amounts of digital content available in milliseconds through a Google search, it’s much more tempting to disseminate copyrighted material which can put your agency at risk of copyright infringement.

Property and Office Management Concerns

Investments in technology have grown exponentially as advertising and marketing companies embrace the digital world. You need ways to protect your physical offices, along with computers and the valuable data on them.
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