Muerte accidental y desmembramiento

Quick Summary

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, known in the insurance industry as AD&D, typically serves as a supplement to more comprehensive employee benefits policies like life and health insurance. An AD&D policy will pay a lump sum to the policy’s beneficiary in the case of an accidental death or the accidental loss of critical physical functions or limbs – such as vision or speech, or a hand or foot.

Why Offer Accidental Death or Dismemberment?

Why offer an AD&D policy? The main purpose of this type of insurance is to provide financial support to a designated beneficiary in the event of your employee’s accidental death or severe injury. Accidents can happen just about anywhere – not just at work. If your employee dies or is irrevocably injured under the terms of the policy, the lump-sum benefit, as well as the additional services included in many policies, can make an appreciable difference. While these are relatively rare occurrences, they are frequently life changing.

Offer AD&D as a Basic Voluntary Coverage

Employers typically offer AD&D policies to their employees on a voluntary basis. As an employer, you can make this 100% voluntary, to be paid for by your employees. They can purchase them as a standalone plan, but they’re frequently added on as a rider to a life insurance policy. You can also offer your employees the option to elect and pay for coverage for their spouses and dependent children.

AD&D Covers Loss of Limbs or Vital Functions

What’s defined in an AD&D policy as “accidental dismemberment” sets it apart from other types of insurance. The qualifying coverage under an AD&D policy is always very clearly specified; it’s only applicable to an injury that results in the loss of some vital function like speech or hearing, a limb like a leg, or a vital part of the body, such as a hand.
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