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Superior Coverage Solutions for Complex Risks

We provide America’s leading wholesale brokers with creative solutions that address their most complex and hard-to-place risks. Our underwriters fine tune our policies for maximum effectiveness. You can count on them for unsurpassed service every time.

Fine-Tuned Solutions for Complex Risks

Navigators, a brand of The Hartford, is a market leader in providing complex coverage and superior service. We offer:
  • Responsive products to address the most hard-to-place risks.
  • A team of dedicated underwriters to ensure each broker receives the specialty service that their insured deserves.
  • Swift decision-making in the field to deliver quick, educated turnaround times.
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Our Main Wholesale Product Offerings

Partnering With The Hartford for Improved Solutions

Partnering With The Hartford for Improved Solutions

In 2019, we joined The Hartford, a company with more than 200 years of innovation and financial strength. Together, we can provide even greater value.
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Spotlight on Specialty

Spotlight on Specialty

Lynanne St. Dennis, Wholesale CUO, sits down with Henry Lopez, Head of Wholesale Financial Lines and Patrick Mulready, Head of Wholesale Property to discuss the evolution of the E&S market.

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