Payroll Billing Solutions

Almost every workers’ compensation customer, regardless of how they run payroll, can enroll in our payroll billing option.
Payroll billing relies on real-time payroll to calculate workers’ compensation premiums. This means premiums are more accurate compared to using estimated annual payroll.
Customers who elect payroll will appreciate these cash flow benefits:
  • NO down payments
  • NO monthly billing or finance fees
  • FEWER premium audit adjustments
Agents also benefit with a policy retention rate that’s, on average, 3 points higher with payroll billing vs those without it.1


Use these resources to become familiar with XactPAY, The Hartford’s payroll billing option.
Be sure to share the customer guides with customers once they’ve elected one of our payroll billing options.
With the SmartPay Reporting Service (SPRS) option, customers who run their own payroll, use a payroll partner not partnered with The Hartford or use a payroll company that owns an insurance agency, can easily submit payroll to us.

Simple Setup & Registration

SmartPay Takes It From Here

Once the customer is registered, SmartPay will handle everything else, like transmitting payroll to The Hartford as payroll is run and handling employee roster adds and changes. Customer flyer. Customer guide.
1 Based on a comparison of The Hartford’s renewal data for workers’ compensation policies with and without a payroll billing option for the period 2019-2020.

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