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Cyber Security Services
Monoline retail cyber, accounts with less than $250M revenues.

1. Accounts With Annual Revenues Less Than $250M but Greater Than $50M


2. Accounts With Annual Revenues Less Than $50M

  • Sign into The Hartford Pronto
  • Stand-alone cyber or combined with our Management Liability package
  • CyberChoice First Response Policy (admitted)
  • Answer a few questions. Information you’ll need:
    • SIC code of the client
    • Total annual revenue
    • Basic details of information collected and stored by your client, including types and estimated amounts
    • Knowledge of any history of breaches or events
    • Receive an immediate indication
    • If your client agrees to the terms, have them complete the CyberChoice First Response application, and our team will firm up the terms
Applications are still able to be sent directly to
MPL Underwriter Contacts
For Retail, Primary Cyber only risk under $250M
John Cheffer, Managing Director
light purple square NORTH CENTRAL DIVISION
Joseph Gessner, Senior Underwriter
orange square CENTRAL DIVISION
Joseph Gessner, Senior Underwriter
light green square SOUTHEAST DIVISION
Cristina Rojas, Senior Underwriter
James Tremblay, Underwriter
aqua blue square WEST DIVISION
Justin Stewart-Maynard, Underwriter
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