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Global Insights Interviews host Shailesh Kumar brings together economic and geopolitical experts to discuss topics that are trending across the world.

Global Insights Interviews

Global Insights Interviews Episode 1

Episode 1 With Chris Miller

Chris Miller, author of Chip Wars, and Shailesh Kumar discuss the progression of semiconductor technology.
Global Insights Interviews Episode 2

Episode 2 With Nathan Sheets

Nathan Sheets, current global chief economist at Citigroup and prior under secretary for international affairs, joins Shailesh Kumar as they dive into the latest economic worldwide headlines.
Global Insights Interviews Episode 3

Episode 3 With Darshak Dholakia

Darshak Dholakia, partner at a global law firm, joins Shailesh Kumar to discuss the concept of sanctions, trade restrictions, and US-China relations.
Global Insights Interviews Episode 4

Episode 4 With Barbara Denham

Barbara Denham, a senior economist at Oxford Economics, joins Shailesh to discuss current economic trends relating to cities and regions.

Spotlight on Specialty

Spotlight on Specialty

A Look Into Our In-House Research Team

Adrien Robinson, The Hartford’s head of global specialty, and Shailesh Kumar sit down to discuss the newly launched in-house economic and geopolitical research hub, The Hartford's Global Insights Center.
Global Specialty Insights Center - Who We Are

Quiénes Somos

Our in-house research center provides macroeconomic, industry and geopolitical research, insights and thought leadership to our broker partners and their clients, to help them maximize global opportunities.