Gene Marks on Job Postings With No Response

Still haven't filled that open position? Business expert Gene Marks suggests that your job posting might need to be reworked.

Video Transcript

There is an art. When people post jobs online there is an art to posting a job online. It’s like anything else. It’s kind of like, you know, you write a great blog – you know, I do a lot of writing, and I’m like, wow, that was awesome. But if like the headline isn’t good, the first paragraph isn’t catchy enough or whatever, it like blah – nobody reads it, you know, and then that’s what it is. So, you know, think about it. When you’re, you’re, you’re posting something online this has to be something that you’re trying to entice – you’re selling yourself. Your company’s trying to get some bites. So it’s no different than looking for a new customer. In fact, it’s even more important. You’re looking for somebody that’s going to provide services or, or help you provide services and products to your customers. So, you know, you should have even that much more motivation of creating the right kind of online advertisement or solicitation that would, um, you know, that would attract people. Having said that, um, our best people, like most of my clients, are not found online or through help wanted ads, believe it or not. Our best people have come through references. You know, and you don’t find – you know, don’t hold me to this, but like, you know, statistically, something like two-thirds, or something, of all people that are hired by small businesses come through somebody that you know. ‘Cause it’s such a – what do I know? You know, I put out an ad for somebody, I get 50 résumés or 10 résumés, whatever, you know, I don’t know these persons from atom – you know, from Adam, but I’m looking for somebody that I can teach, that’s reliable and good and I, and when somebody vouches for somebody that’s huge for me. And that’s where I’ve found my best people is, is by references, not necessarily taking out that online ad.

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