Gene Marks on Job Interview Questions

Nervous about how to conduct a job interview? Business expert Gene Marks explains how he approaches the interview process.

Video Transcript

I never know where the line is. I'm not up on the human resources laws and all of that so, you know, all sorts of, you know, whatever. So I, um, I like to ask about the person's life and, and not that I like saying like I, I need to find out the person, how many kids they have, or what their marital situation or anything like that but I'm, I'm interested in where they worked and what they did and what they learned and what stories they have to tell. I'm interested in why would they possibly want to work for my stupid little company, you know, and, and what they're looking to do 5 years, 10 years from now. I mean, I'd like to learn sort of like where they are in the long term, you know, in the long term plan. I'm also curious to know why ah, you're – why they left other jobs. I'm not trying to find anything nefarious. I'm just – I actually want to learn, like why – so you, gee, you seem like a pretty good person. Like, why did you leave? Like what did that – what did that employer do that lost somebody like you? I'd like to learn from that as well. So, um, it, it's not, you know, it, it's – it's funny with that line that you cross and I guess every HR person would, would lecture me on the things you're supposed to say, that you're not supposed to say. I'm just trying to find out if, if you're the kind of person that, ah, I'm going to be working closely with for, hopefully forever, um, do I like you and do I think you're hard working? Do I think you're, you know, that you are, ah – will fit into the culture of my company well. And the only way I can do that is by finding out where you came from and where you think you're going.

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