Gene Marks on Being a Boss

Confused about what kind of boss you are? Find out what business expert Gene Marks has to say about himself.

Video Transcript

The kind of boss that I am. So, I have 12 people now in my company and I am a selfish, lazy boss. I, I don’t want to hear problems because I don’t want to hear about issues. I don’t want to hear about – I, I just, I – I – I, the way I like to run my company is I like to give everybody in my company the ability to do what they gotta do. I would rather my people make mistakes and mess things up and learn from that and move from that. I’m – I’m happy with that; than micromanaging it too much, right? So, you know, everybody in my company, you know, everybody’s professionals. They’re grownups. And they take on a job and they’re basically saying to me, because you’ve hired me, you’re telling me that I – you have confidence that I’m able to do my job. So I like to let people do their jobs and if they need questions to bounce off me or whatever, that’s fine, but I, I don’t want to hear it as much. I don’t want to hand hold anybody or coddle anybody. I’ve hired you, I’m paying you a good salary, go and do what you are paid to do. Make your mistakes because we all make mistakes, that’s fine. We’ll fix them. But I’d rather you go and do that without my, you know, very, very overly kind of supervision. Go ahead and do what you gotta do and let me do what I gotta do.

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