How to Tell If Job Applicants are the Right Fit

Throughout the hiring process, from crafting a detailed job description, to conducting thorough interviews, you’re not only zeroing in on the candidates with the necessary skills and experience, you’re also evaluating whether they will be a good fit in your company.
Two qualities every employer wants in their employees are passion and commitment. Passion shows itself as an eagerness to try anything and a willingness to learn as well as improve. A committed employee is one who puts helping your company grow above personal needs and achievements. You don’t want someone who’s just looking for a job to pay the bills.
Determine if your company offers the kind of environment and culture your candidate needs to succeed. Ask them straight out about the type of culture and management style they require to be happy and productive in a job. Evaluate if this conforms with what you have in place. Give them a detailed description of your company and the job. Be sure to include the physical space they will be working in, to make sure your expectations conform to their expectations.
The cultural fit extends to life and work values, as well. People tend to be happiest working with others who share their basic values and goals. Find out how your job might fulfill the applicant’s needs beyond the paycheck for such factors as recognition, advancement, challenges, and leadership opportunities.
It’s human nature to gravitate toward people you like. You could find a candidate with off-the-charts qualifications and experience, but if their personality and communication style makes you uncomfortable, they may not fit in over the longer term despite their superior skillset.

Game Plan

Determining if someone will be a good fit in your company is as much an art as a science. In essence, you’re administering an informal job aptitude test throughout your hiring process. For a comprehensive study on how the world’s best managers select employees and get the best performance from their workforce, check out the book: First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, by Marcus Buckingham.
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