Available Through Professional and Trade Organizations

When you see the cost of individual health insurance, you might immediately wonder if there’s a way you can get group health insurance, which is typically far more affordable.
Consider this: You may be eligible for a group health plan through a professional, trade or membership organization. The members of such groups share the cost of medical insurance in much the same way the employees of a small business do.
Here are a few organizations you may want to look into:
If you’re a startup with a very small number of partners or employees and you’re not yet ready to add them to a group plan, you may want to see which of the organizations above can provide coverage for everyone on your team.

Game Plan

Are you currently a member of an organization that offers a group health plan? Or can you join one? Follow these steps:
  1. Think about membership groups you may already be a part of, such as a union, alumni association, professional organization, or your local chamber of commerce.
  2. Search online for “membership organizations” or “membership benefits health insurance.” Look into the organizations that seem like a good fit for you.
  3. Explore those organizations’ websites and check under their benefits section to see if they offer health insurance.
  4. If you’re not currently a member of the organization, consider joining. And importantly, factor the cost of membership into your decision on whether the group’s health insurance plan is right for you.
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