AIDA in New Media

AIDA continues to hang on in the era of new media, simply because the psychology of people making buying decisions hasn’t changed nearly as much as the technology that can be used to reach them.

Content Marketing

What is now called “content marketing” is not substantively different than the B-to-B campaign described in “AIDA in Traditional Media.” In many cases, the content itself is identical. However, the messages are delivered electronically rather than printed on paper and delivered by mail. And it’s also possible to measure more than a simple yes-or-no response rate. New-media technology makes possible much more granular and detailed insights into audience reactions.

Social Media Campaigns

Let’s look at an example of a campaign that starts out by attracting Attention on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Perhaps you’ve started a line of boutique sunglasses and you’ve somehow snagged a photo of a famous person, possibly Matthew McConaughey or Emma Stone, wearing them. So you distribute the photo via the appropriate social networks, being careful to include a link to a specially created landing page on your website.
The function of the landing page is to increase Interest in your product. If you know how your celebrity acquired your product, or how the photograph was taken, you can tell those stories. You can also talk about other people – either celebrities or members of your target audience – who wear your product and why.
The next stop is the product page on your website. You can enhance Desire and move the prospect closer to becoming a customer by explaining the benefits of your product. Of course, there will also be a call-out box with a special offer.
That link takes you to your Action page. Perhaps you could raffle a chance to win a free pair of glasses to anyone who orders within the next 48 hours. Or you could produce a certain number of pairs in a special limited-edition color, designed to trigger an avalanche of sales – at no extra cost to you.

Other Online Channels

Finally, it’s important not to limit yourself to a single strategy just because you’re comfortable with it. As Filip Matous notes in “The AIDA Online Purchase Funnel,” if a channel like social media is draining your time and not filling the sales funnel, find the right channel. Experimentation is part of the game.”
Alternative channels include online ads, such as “paid search,” which is often Google AdsTM; organic search or search engine optimization (SEO); and online public relations efforts such as the placement of byline articles.

Game Plan

Be sure to measure your results. Once shoppers arrive on your site, you can track where they came from, and measure the bounce rate, time on site, and pages viewed. Then you can calculate a conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).
New-media technology also enables you to deepen your customer relationships after the sale. Some experts suggest adding an “L” and an “A” to AIDA. The L stands for Loyalty, which can be encouraged by sending out thank-you notes on Facebook or Twitter. (Sort of like a handwritten thank you note – remember those?) The “A” stands for Advocacy, which you can generate by allowing customers to write product reviews, or simply by providing convenient buttons so they can “like” your product and “retweet” your messages. To learn more steps for increasing loyalty and advocacy with customers, check out this article by 
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