Finding and Hiring the Right People

It’ll take more than you and your key partners to grow your business to the next level. You need talented and passionate employees on board to keep driving your dream forward.
It’s critical that you take the time to hire the right employees because a bad hire could cost you a lot of time and money. The cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can be as much as $240,000, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. So you need to look beyond skills, education, and work history and find employees who also embrace less tangible principles and characteristics, such as respect, loyalty, commitment, adaptation, and appreciation, among others.
Here are a few things to consider when you put on your hiring hat:
  • Define the competencies. In your job description, prioritize the “must-have” skills so you can focus on candidates that can make an impact on their first day.
  • Evaluate ancillary capabilities. Determine if the person has the experience and talents to grow beyond the basic job skills and take on more responsibility.
  • Analyze culture compatibility. The interview is a good time to decide if a person is a creative thinker and team player whose personality and trustworthiness will be a good fit in your company culture. Trust your instincts here.
  • Calculate the commitment. Is the person passionate about the job and in it for the long haul? You don’t want to invest in a hire who may be just passing through.

Game Plan

  • Hiring an employee is an investment, so take the time to do thorough research. For tips on writing a great job posting, go here.
  • Small businesses are making an effort to hire more employees. According to a recent Career Builder survey, 38 percent of small business employers plan to hire full-time employees in 2018. The survey also found that of the 40 percent of small business owners who plan to hire temporary employees, 58 percent plan to hire them permanently.
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