At the Crossroads Kit

This kit is for support group leaders to deliver to caregivers on dementia and driving. This workshop is designed for practical application and based on solid evaluation research. It is organized into three two-hour sessions with a total of nine lessons.

Introductory Materials

  • Índice
  • Introduction for Support Group Leaders

Session 1 Guide

  • Welcome and Course Goals
  • Lesson 1: Driving and the Brain
  • Lesson 2: Warning Signs for Drivers with Dementia
  • Lesson 3: Assessing Transportation Needs
  • Handouts for support group participants

Session 2 Guide

  • Reviews and Experiences
  • Lesson 4: Getting There
  • Lesson 5: Not Going Alone
  • Lesson 6: Conversation Planner
  • Handouts for support group participants

Session 3 Guide

  • Review and Experiences
  • Lesson 7: Agreement with My Family
  • Lesson 8: The Role of Healthcare Providers
  • Lesson 9: “Last Resort” Options
  • Handouts for support group participants

Crossroads Kit Appendices

  • A: Overview of Dementia
  • B: Facts about Older Drivers
  • C: Facts about Drivers with Dementia
  • D: Findings from Family Conversations about Driving Study
  • E: Comprehensive Driving Evaluations
  • F: Sample: National and Local Resources for Information on Comprehensive Driving Evaluations
  • G: Other Valuable Resources from The Hartford
  • H: Support Group Leader Feedback

Download Entire Kit

If you would prefer to download all of the sections of the kit at once instead of the individual sections, click the link below:

Full PDF of All Sessions of the Kit

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