Talkspace: Mental Wellness Support for Your Clients’ Workforce

Introducing Talkspace

Introducing Talkspace

The mental well-being of your clients’ employees is just as important as their physical health. Learn how we support comprehensive mental health care through our new relationship with Talkspace.1
Introducing Talkspace

What Is Talkspace?

Employers who design their benefit offerings with The Hartford can now choose to work with Talkspace, a network of licensed therapists and psychiatric providers that offer your clients and their employees convenient, flexible options to address their mental well-being. Although your clients’ employees are always backed by our claims expertise, Talkspace supports workers with preventative mental health services before they need to miss work or file a disability or absence claim.
“While mental health resources, such as Employee Assistance Programs, are an important part of a mental wellness plan, we wanted to do more to support workers,” says Molly Pierce, director of absence management programs for Group Benefits at The Hartford. “By offering access to Talkspace’s expertise, employers can prioritize their employees’ mental health with proactive intervention and prevention that connects an individual with professional resources that can help when they need them.”

Why Do Your Clients Need Talkspace?

Year over year, The Hartford’s Future of Benefits Study has shown a connection between employee mental well-being, mental health support and the impact on a company’s bottom line. In fact, 60% of U.S. workers believe employers should provide more mental health tools.2 Creating a benefits package that supports employees’ mental health may be what sets your clients apart from their competitors when trying to attract top-level talent.
Our 2024 study showed that:
  • 69% of Human Resources (HR) professionals feel the deteriorating mental health of their workforce has a negative financial impact on their company.
  • 60% of U.S. workers believe employers should provide more mental health training for managers.
  • 29% of U.S. workers reported feeling depressed or anxious at least a few times per week in 2024.
As a leading disability and absence administrator, we understand your clients’ challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, as well as providing holistic offerings that show they care. Now, your clients can offer a comprehensive mental wellness solution that helps address the needs of today’s workforce.

What Services Does Talkspace Offer?

Talkspace gives employees access to a suite of online mental health care solutions. They strive to meet an individual’s unique needs with access to:
  • Self-Guided Care: A vast library of resources and courses that provide practical tools for handling anxiety, depression or burnout through daily journaling prompts and weekly therapist-led classes.
  • Therapy: A therapist matched to each employees’ needs, complete with full intake and assessment, live therapy sessions, self-help programs and dedicated provider messaging services that suit their schedule.
  • Psychiatry: On-call licensed medical providers who can diagnose mental health conditions, prescribe medication and monitor progress in follow-up sessions, all within one week of signing up.
“Talkspace believes that by investing in your employees, you’re investing in your organization,” says Natalie Cummins, chief business officer at Talkspace. “Our clinicians have trained expertise in more than 180 conditions and areas of specialization, providing your clients and their workers with the flexibility to rapidly meet every individual’s unique needs.”

How Can Your Clients Engage With Talkspace?

We connect employers that choose this option directly to a dedicated Talkspace account manager at an additional cost. When a worker files a disability or paid family and medical leave claim, your client can confidently know that their employee has connected with the expert they need to help with their unique situation.
To learn more about Talkspace and The Hartford’s disability insurance options, contact your local employee benefits representative.

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1 These services are offered by Talkspace at additional cost, in accordance with contracts entered directly between the customer and Talkspace. Services are offered through vendors which are not affiliated with The Hartford and these services are not insurance.  The Hartford is not responsible and assumes no liability for the goods and services described in this material and reserves the right to discontinue any of these services at any time.  Services may vary and may not be available in all states
2 The Hartford’s 2024 Future of Benefits Survey, viewed April 2024.
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