The Hartford and Marvin Behavioral Health: Mental Health Support for Health Care Employees

A doctor takes a rest in the hospital

Protecting the Mental Well-Being of Health Care Heroes

We’ve collaborated with Marvin Behavioral Health to bring personalized teletherapy solutions to your clients’ health care employees.
A doctor takes a rest in the hospital
As the health care industry evolves, benefit packages for health care employees must keep pace. According to a recent study by the JAMA Health Forum, there has been a substantial and persistent increase in employee turnover in the health care industry since the pandemic.1 The ripple effect has left health care workers with increased levels of burnout and stress. This reality has led to a greater demand for holistic employee wellness efforts, including support for mental well-being.
That’s why we’re proud to be the first employee benefits carrier to offer access to Marvin Behavioral Health, a personalized mental health solution for health care professionals.2,3 Marvin offers a tailored approach for health care employers looking to address their employees’ unique needs. Our customers can access Marvin for their workforce at a discounted rate.

Broadening the Scope of Benefits for Health Care Employees

Health care professionals face an enormous burden. They face constant challenges of fatigue, strain, stress, loss and grief. Lack of resources and the stigma of seeking mental health care can play a role in these employees forgoing early mental health intervention. But working with a benefits carrier that has access to a vendor like Marvin can help provide more of the support they need.
“Rounding out the benefits available for health care professionals is about deepening our connections to meet every health care customer where they are,” says Mandy Phillips, assistant director of health care product management at The Hartford. “Many of them are in a place where early and proactive mental health interventions aren’t a want, but a need.”

How Is Marvin Different From Other Teletherapy Options?

Many traditional therapy programs for health care employees don’t consider the realities of a hospital or care environment. Marvin’s concierge-level mental health program was developed in partnership with hospital systems and residency programs and provides 24/7 access to care.
With Marvin, employees and employers can expect:
  • A confidential resource to help manage stress, anxiety and personal challenges.
  • Qualified therapists who average 15 years of mental health counseling experience. Marvin therapists can offer support to individuals with diverse backgrounds, including people of color and those who identify as LGBTQIA+, as well as families and couples.
  • An efficient platform that helps employees to register and match with a licensed therapist in under 10 minutes.
  • Quick integration into employee benefits claim experiences, operational in less than three weeks.
  • Easy addition of Marvin to existing mental health service offerings, like EAP, if employees exhaust those options or prefer the services Marvin provides.
According to Marvin member data, between 2021 and 2023, employer retention rate was 80% among employees who used their services. In addition, 90% of users report high satisfaction with their assigned therapist.4
“If you don’t treat this industry uniquely, you’re diminishing the heroic, superhuman nature of what health care workers do day in and day out. Being able to adapt quickly and find solutions that meet their needs is a huge opportunity for employers in the health care industry,” says Phillips.
To learn more about our employee benefits solutions and Marvin, contact your local representative at The Hartford.

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2 Where permitted, Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company will receive a fee from Marvin in connection with the purchase of products or services by customers we refer.
3  Marvin Behavioral Health Inc. ("Marvin") provides digital mental health services for employees of health systems. Marvin Behavioral Health products and services do not provide insurance coverage nor alter the terms or coverages of a commercial insurance contract. The Hartford does not offer or provide the products and services described herein. The products and services are offered by Marvin Behavioral Health, which is not a Hartford vendor and not related to or affiliated with The Hartford. THE HARTFORD MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND GOOD AND WORKMANLIKE MANNER, RELATED TO MARVIN BEHAVIORAL HEALTH'S PRODUCT OR SERVICES. FOR EXAMPLE, THE HARTFORD DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES WILL COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE LAWS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO PRIVACY OR DATA PROTECTION LAWS. THE HARTFORD ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY AND DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY ACTUAL OR ALLEGED CLAIMS RESULTING FROM THE USE OF MARVIN BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES OR PRODUCTS. Consult with your legal counsel on use of the products or services. Availability of products and services, as well as terms may vary by state.
4 Marvin Internal Data, 2021-2023
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