Money Videos

Gina Harman on Saving vs. Borrowing

Thinking about starting a business but in need of capital? Confused about whether you should borrow now or save for later? Gina Harman (CEO of Accion, The U.S. Network) provides insights to help with this decision.

Paul Quintero on Debt vs. Equity

Should you finance your business with debt or equity? Paul Quintero, CEO of Accion East, explains the advantages and disadvantages of both options.
Raising capital isn't always easy. Business expert Barbara Weltman describes some of the options available to small business owners.

Gina Harman on Lender Options

With so many options available, who to borrow from can be a tough choice. Gina Harman (CEO of Accion, The U.S. Network) discusses her point of view on this difficult decision.

Paul Quintero on Choosing Investors

What characteristics should you look for when choosing investors? Paul Quintero, CEO of Accion East, shares his advice on making wise decisions.
Wondering how your taxes will change after you've started your own business? Business expert Barbara Weltman discusses some of the changes you need to prepare for.

Barbara Weltman on Tax Professionals

Not sure what to look for in a tax professional or even if you need one? Business expert Barbara Weltman offers her advice on finding the right person.

Paul Quintero on Tax Credits

How should you handle tax credits? Paul Quintero, CEO of Accion East, provides insights on using tax credits to benefit your business.

Barbara Weltman on Home Offices

Are you nervous to claim a home office deduction? Business expert Barbara Weltman discusses what does (and does not) qualify as a home office.
Are you planning for the future? If not, you need to start as soon as possible. Business expert Gene Marks outlines what you need to do now if you want to sell your business in the future.
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