Gene Marks on Data Security

Business expert Gene Marks knows that data is never completely secure. Are you doing your best to minimize risks and protect your customers' private information?

Video Transcript

Any company that tells you that your data is 100 percent protected is lying to you. I mean, people are hacking into the Department of Defense's computers right now. Every other week we're reading about some, some, you know, guy that left 2,000 credit card numbers on a, you know, in a briefcase on a subway. Someone's crazy, right? So, we don't – yeah, we, we, we've all gotten to probably know that you're never 100 percent protected, you know, for your data – your data security. And the issue is, more importantly, is if you're keeping information in your business like credit card information or Social Security, you know, numbers, well that's a big, big issue and if you are, you know, storing that in your company and that does get hacked or stolen, you could be in for some big problems. And that's a risk that a lot of business are, are undertaking. So, of course, one needs to be insured against that risk but more importantly, you know, nowadays the smarter business people that I meet are, they're, they're outsourcing that, that work. So, they're going toward Cloud-based companies, online backup services that protect that data. Not 100 percent but probably better than like I'm doing it or most of my clients are doing it as well. They're taking their systems themselves, particularly if they're accepting credit cards or whatever, and having it hosted by a third party company because those companies are in the business of hosting applications or hosting databases and they do provide the backup of the security controls on your, on your server that, again, unless you are some really high-bred tech company you're probably not doing it yourself as well. So that's where the trend is going. Over the next five to 10 years most of my clients will be having all their systems hosted by somebody else. That's just for the ease of cost and the ease of access, but security is a big reason why because those companies are just, they're, they're just more in position to provide better level of security than most of us can.

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