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Mike Madsen Employee Success Story
Superheroes are Real
Mike Madsen's quick thinking saved a woman's life.
Mike Madsen Employee Success Story

Mike Madsen Saves the Day

Mike Madsen, Senior Sales Consultant

  • Years with The Hartford: 4
  • Total years of work experience: 21
What began as a typical morning and a normal sales call turned suddenly urgent for Mike Madsen, a senior sales consultant for The Hartford.

One of Mike’s first customers of the day was Helen A., who requested a new auto insurance quote. Mike asked Helen the standard questions and offered a competitive quote for less than the cost of her current policy. Helen was pleased, and Mike was just beginning to review the benefits of also bundling her homeowners policy with The Hartford when the conversation took a worrisome turn.

“Her response time began to take a while,” Mike said. “She indicated that she wanted to keep moving forward but it took longer and longer for her to respond to my questions.”

He patiently awaited her responses and repeated questions in case she couldn’t hear.

“I kept asking if she was still there when all of a sudden the phone went dead,” Mike said. “I tried to call back a couple of times but there was no answer.”

Concerned, Mike reported the situation to his manager who promptly called the local police and asked that they check on Helen’s well-being. When Mike called Helen’s home several minutes later, the fire chief answered the phone and said that Helen had suffered a diabetic attack and was being taken to the hospital by ambulance.

When Helen was released from the hospital later that evening, she called The Hartford’s service line back to thank Mike for saving her life. She explained that she was diabetic and lived alone, and was extremely grateful for the care and swift action Mike had taken on her behalf. She also went on to purchase the homeowners policy she had started in her earlier conversation with Mike.

Mike said he was extremely glad the intervention was successful. He also heard a tremendous outpouring of recognition from fellow employees who had learned of Mike’s heroic deed through a company news article.

“People were reaching out and thanking me, and sharing stories about their own family members who are diabetic,” Mike said.

“It’s not just about insurance,” he continued, reflecting on the day’s fateful course of events. “We cared about the customer’s wellness and helped her out – and we saved her money. That makes me feel good.”

It’s just one example of how The Hartford and its employees go beyond insurance to truly make a difference in people’s lives.
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