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The start of your career can be one of the most exciting chapters of your life. Whether you went to college with a strong focus, or took it as a time to explore the endless possibilities of life, the next step in finding a full-time job can be tricky. Maybe you are passionate about something like robotics, or investments, or digital marketing and design. No matter what that passion is, it is important to find a company culture that allows you to pursue it, and learn a few things along the way.

The Hartford’s Early Career Leadership Development Program (ECLDP), was designed to do just that. Providing both an internship and three-year rotational program, it allows members to navigate the diverse landscape of the insurance industry. Participants often learn that there is much more to insurance than they initially thought, and a few of them had some stories to share.

Allysa Singh is a member of the technology & data track of the program. “Being in a rotational program means diving deep into a business area, development team, or support team and working to make quick and meaningful impacts,” she said. “I’m also given the opportunity to learn about all of the different organizations and supporting functions that allow our company to succeed and be a top competitor in the industry. … Being in a leadership development program also provides a valuable avenue to be able to learn and apply leadership skills right on the job on a daily basis, which is a really great way to jump-start a career.”

Jessica Torizzo is currently in her second year as part of the ECLDP marketing track. Working in Digital Marketing, she supports various lines of business in things like paid search and email. In addition to driving business results, she also has learned a lot about the delivery and visualization of data, using platforms such as Tableau and Google Analytics.

“I was really sold on taking a position at The Hartford when I learned how great the people are. The culture is unparalleled and it stems from strong character,” said Torizzo. She continued on about some important professional lessons she has learned from her time at The Hartford. “Since being here, I’ve found when it comes to building your personal brand, actions speak louder than words. I’ve also learned that there is a lot of innovation in the industry and that insurance has a huge investment in the digital space. I never would have known this prior to entering the program.”

Sam Ford got a jump start with The Hartford’s Early Immersion Program during her sophomore year in college. She returned as an intern of the ECLDP on the product management track. “I was able to do real work from the day I got here,” said Ford. Impressed by the trust and confidence afforded by her manager encouraged her to return as a full time employee. “Leaders here really do care about what we think about and how we think about things,” she continued.

Matt Beckius was looking for internships while he was studying abroad and was able to connect with The Hartford. Upon accepting an internship on the finance track, he said he felt like a true employee from his first day. “We had a capstone project where we got to work on an actual business problem and present our solution to business leaders. The work we did is reflected in where the company is now.” He continued, “The great thing about the program is that you get to find out what you like, and maybe even more importantly what you don’t like.”

Michael Gorman, another member of the technology & data track, was impressed by the amount of innovation at the company. “The nature of the business allows us to do more with AI and robotics,” he said. When taking the job, he notes that there was both a sense of job security and the opportunity to learn a lot about emerging technologies very quickly.

Said Ford: “Not being from Connecticut, knowing that all these other people were in the same boat as you, going through the same process helps build a sense of community."
At The Hartford, partnership is at the very root of our business model. As such, the ECLDP also affords participants the chance to build a strong sense of community – right from day one. We’re dedicated to helping graduates like you find purpose in your passion through a rewarding and empowering career.
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